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  • Emykhet

    November 26, 2022 at 2:45 am

    My Translation:

    Transliteration: /Htp di nsw inpw tp Dw=f/

    Translation: “An offering the king gives Inpu atop his mountain”

    Transliteration: /imi wt nb tA Dsr m m stw=f /

    Translation: He who is in the mammy wrappings, lord of the sacred land within all good his thrones/places”

    Transliteration: /nb nfrt prt-xrw t Hnqt n xtmw bity smr wat/

    Translation: “A voice invocation of bread beer for the seal bearer”

    Transliteration: /imy-r itH maAt mry/

    Translation: “overseer of the prison/fortress Maat. Beloved”

    Transliteration: /nb ir Hsst nb=f ra nb /

    Translation: “of his master, doer of what his master favors every day ”

    Transliteration: Hmt=f mrt=f Xkrt nsw watt didiw /

    Translation: “His beloved wife, Sole Royal Ornament, Didiu.”