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  • Emykhet

    November 26, 2022 at 2:52 am

    My Translation:

    Transliteration: /dwA ra xtf wbn=f r xprt/

    Translation: “Adorations to Ra when he rises until”

    Transliteration: /Htp=f m anx di.n=i sS n wiA aA/

    Translation: “he rests in life — Give me passage for the great Sacred Barque”

    Transliteration: /xsf.n=i At nHA Hr xpr/

    Translation: “I have warded away the power of the wild-faced one, so as to happen”

    Transliteration: /sqdwt m msktt m Xrt hrw/

    Translation: “the sailing of the Night Barque daily”

    Transliteration: /nt ra nb in sS imy-r gs-pr n(y) Hmt nsw wrt/

    Translation: “— by the scribe, Brigadier of the great royal wife”

    Transliteration: /ry mAa-xrw Dd=f inD Hr=k Hr-Axty /

    Translation: “Ray, justified. He says: “Hail, Horakhty,”

    Transliteration: /imn sxm(w) nTr DA=k Hrt m Htp m Xrt hrw nt ra-nb /

    Translation: “Amun the mighty one of the gods, as you cross the sky in peace daily!”

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