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  • Emykhet

    November 26, 2022 at 2:50 am

    My Translation:

    Transliteration: /iw grt wD.n Hm=i pD Ss Hr/

    Translation: “Moreover, my majesty commanded the stretching of the cord upon”

    Transliteration: /Hwt-nTr Tn m mAwt saHa.ti m inr/

    Translation: “this temple anew, it being erected in”

    Transliteration: /HD nfr n rwD.t rdi.kwi r/

    Translation: “beautiful, white sandstone. I was cast on”

    Transliteration: /iw pn in wAw n wAD-wr/

    Translation: “this island by the wave of the Great Green (sea).”

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