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  • Emykhet

    November 26, 2022 at 2:47 am

    My Translation:

    Transliteration: /Dd.f msy=i rnpt 27 xr Hm=f nsw bity nbw-kAw-ra mAa xrw/

    Translation: “He says; I was born in the 27th regnal year of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nebkaura, justified.“

    Transliteration: /xa Hm=f nsw bity nbw-kAw-ra mAa xrw m nsw bity Hr st Hrw n.t anxw/

    Translation: “on the appearance of his majesty the King of Upper and Lower Egypt Khakaura justified. The two crowns (upper and lower Egypt) upon the Horus throne of the living.“

    Transliteration: /rdit Hm=f ir=i kAt m aHA m xt r gs Hm=f m sA sis n/

    Translation: “His majesty caused that I work as a warrior beside his majesty along with six men of the“

    Transliteration: /Xnw aHa.n spd.n.i gs=f rdit Hm=f di.t(w) r Smsw n HqA/

    Translation: “Residence. I was effective at his side. His majesty caused that I be appointed a Follower of the Ruler“

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