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  • Emykhet

    November 26, 2022 at 2:47 am

    My Translation:

    Transliteration: /i sSw nb(w), Xry-Hb nb(w), wAb(w) nb(w), r(m)T nbt, swat(y).sn Hr wD pn/

    Translation: “Oh all scribes, all lector priests, all Wab priests, all the people who shall pass by this stela”

    Transliteration: /,

    Translation: “If you desire that your gods favor you,”

    Transliteration: / n mi

    Translation: “and assign your professions to your children, say as follows, ”

    Transliteration: /Htp di nswt wsir n kA n(y) Xry-Hb n mnw m ipw/

    Translation: “An offering the king gives Wsir (Osiris) for the ka of the lector priest of Min in Akhmim”

    Transliteration: /mnw nxt, mAa-xrw inD Hr.k mnw m Htp/

    Translation: “Min-Nakht, the justified. Hail to you, Min in peace!”

    Transliteration: /inD Hr.k Hrw mAat-xrw m Htp inD Hr=k Hrw wr/

    Translation: “Hail to you, Horus, justified in peace (at rest)! Hail to you Horus the Elder!”

    Transliteration: /nD it m Htp pA aHa Hr qAs n hAi stS pA it pHty Dd nfrw/

    Translation: “Protect the father in peace. Fly, arise upon the rope ladder to attack/beat Seth. Fly. Seize power Speak goodness”

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