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Welcome to the logical reasoning course. This course consists of 100 created and curated questions divided into 10 sets covering various topics. Each set consists of 10 questions prepared to test your analytical and logical reasoning skills and help train you to start thinking critically by making logical and informed decisions. Critical thinking allows you to analyze the available facts and draw logical conclusions. You do this by applying systematic steps and processing the interpretation to come to a sensible conclusion. Critical thinking skills include; observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem-solving, and decision making.

So what is Logical Reasoning?

Logic is a set of rules and techniques for distinguishing correct reasoning from incorrect reasoning.

Reasoning is the process of thinking through a problem based on the given premise. It is the process of passing from certain propositions already known or assumed to be true, to another truth distinct from them but following from them. Thus logical reasoning is the ability to draw a reliable conclusion or make a correct inference based on a premise, facts, assumptions and arguments.

Apart from being an essential foundational skill of math, Logical Reasoning helps you reason through decisions and solve problems. It gives you the ability to understand what you have read and how to build upon that knowledge without additional guidance.

It is not mandatory to finish the whole course in one sitting but, you should be able to tackle each set in a sitting.


Topics for this course

10 Lessons

True False Logic

True False Logic – Introduction
True False Logic Quiz


Letters & Numbers


Critical Thinking – arguments


Analogies Part One

Analogies Part Two


Analytical Reasoning

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