Has The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing System Been Deciphered?


Has The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing System Been Deciphered?: A 3 lesson online study course with live interactive sessions with the teacher and fellow students.


This study course Has The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing System Been Deciphered? is designed to educate students on the question of decipherment related to the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic writing system indigenously known as Sesh Medew Netcher and the Ancient Egyptian language indigenously known as Ranykemet.  Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have provided a fertile environment for networking and the sharing of information. When it comes to ancient Egypt, there has been a recent increase in discussions of its languages and writing systems. Through these discussions we have come to learn that there are a number of people who hold the belief that the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic writing system has not been deciphered. This notion can be traced back to a book entitled The Historical Origin of Christianity (1992) by Walter Williams. It became necessary to investigate the claims made by Williams that are often cited by people who hold to this belief.  The book Has The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing System Been Deciphered? was written to provide the results of such investigation and address the claims made.  This study course walks students through the information clarifying and addressing questions in detail.

Course Requirements:

  • Your interest and time
  • The textbook “Has The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing System Been Deciphered?“.


  • Weekly live interactive sessions with a teacher and fellow students.

What’s covered:

  • What is decipherment?
  • What is language?
  • What is a writing system?
  • Types of writing systems
  • What Are the hieroglyphs?
  • Pictographs, Ideopgraphs, Logographs, Phonographs
  • The Rebus Principle
  • No Vowels
  • Determinatives
  • No punctuation
  • What is transliteration?
  • What is translation?
  • Pronunciations
  • The CLaims
  • The Rebuttal
  • Where to go from here?


Upon completion of the lessons, there is a final Certification Exam which is designed to test your knowledge and see to it that you have suitable proficiency with the lessons.

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