Egyptian Hieroglyphs – A Quick Lesson In Transliteration & Translation

  • by Wudjau
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This is a quick lesson that was given on Facebook related to transliterations and translations.  This is part of a series of lessons, so be sure to check out others in the series.  Here at Seba University, we have added quizzes to the lessons so that you can test your proficiency and understanding of what is covered in the video.  No certificate is given for these quick lessons.  Enjoy!

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Transliteration and Translation

How to Transliterate and Translate37:13
How to Transliterate and Translate Quiz

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20+ years experience in developments of pedagogical & andragogical systems of learning. 10+ years experience teaching Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic (Sesh Medew Netcher) and Ancient Egyptian Grammar (Ranykemet Grammar).
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